About Gracias Music Foundation

Music is Change

Mission Statement

Cultivating and empowering generations of musicians that give back to the community.

We believe having a dream and never giving up will eventually create tomorrow's music.

Gracias Choir was founded in the year 2000. The music of Gracias has the power to turn sadness into joy and deeply move the hearts of each listener.

Gracias Choir is now officially the world’s best choir, having won the most prestigious choral competitions in the world. What was once just a group of ordinary people from different non-musical backgrounds—a bus driver,

a baker, a kindergarten teacher who, were brought together in the name of music to create the most beautiful harmony ever heard. Their belief and inner strength pushed them through difficulties along the way, until they reach the top of their profession.

This is the mindset we hope to instill in those who interact with the Gracias Music Foundation. We believe having a dream and never giving up will eventually create tomorrow’s music.

Gracias Music Foundation serves people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. The Foundation promises to fulfill the dreams of those who aspires to be musicians and artists. Gracias Music Foundation helps many people break free from their limitations and fulfill their potential, which is the mindset that has brought Gracias Choir to the zenith of the choral music world.

Pastor Ock Soo Park- Founder of Gracias Music Foundation